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Hi! I'm Technoboy10. You may know me from Scratch, or you may have stumbled upon this blog from somewhere else. Regardless, welcome! In this blog, I'll probably post about the following topics:

If you're interested, read on.


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Technoboy10 · 05/20/14

@aclai I'm honestly not sure. If you can find a good Python library, you can use blockext to quickly create a Snap! extension.

aclai · 03/20/14

Hi! who hard is to implement a OSC bridge to snap! ????

the Toy Maker. · 03/13/14

Hello there.

Technoboy10 · 03/06/14

@Hardmath123 Oh right. :P

Hardmath123 · 03/06/14

@Technoboy10 Sweet! Now go disable ga. :P

Technoboy10 · 03/06/14

@Technoboy10 Testing more comments

Technoboy10 · 03/06/14

@Hardmath123 @Technoboy10 Hey, I implemented multiple at-mentions.

Hardmath123 · 03/06/14

@Technoboy10 Sup?

Technoboy10 · 03/06/14

@Hardmath123 Sup.

Technoboy10 · 03/06/14

@Hardmath123 :D Yeah, it is. I figured it needed to be a little bit more separated.

Hardmath123 · 03/05/14

Yay! Is that horizontal line your addition? I sort of like it :D